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Pure Cotton
Everything is made from 100% pure cotton that is either brushed or left in its natural woven state before being cut and sewn.

Fair Trade
Turquaz is a Fair Trade Company. Our factory in South-West India is SA8000 accredited, this means amongst other things that the workers are treated fairly and with respect and that the use of children as workers is absolutely prohibited. Our workforce comprises highly skilled weavers, embroiderers and seamstresses and their working conditions are reflected in the quality of output.

Supporting our Community
We also support the local SOS charity, which provides loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children and a group of schools for underprivileged children.

These pictures on the right tell the story of the design process.
Firstly, an idea for both product and decoration is drawn on paper and then this is translated onto fabric by a highly skilled emboiderer and seamstress. After endless amending of samples we end up with the perfect product.

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